Doctors of Workers’ Comp Patients

Pain Relief Doctors Specializing in Workers’ Compensation

Send your worker’s comp patients to our team of pain specialists that cover all types of pain treatments. We will do all the work for you. From the paperwork to the follow-ups, your patient is in good hands with our team.

We have staff specialized in worker’s compensation pre-approvals for MRI, physical therapy, medication, and other pain related treatments and evaluations. We take care of the workers comp patient immediately from initial claim through the entire treatment period. No need to get imaging ahead of time, we’ll do it all.

We know that time is important with pain patients so we offer rapid turn around – we can usually see your patient the same week, often within 48 hours.

We focus on Workers’ Compensation cases which means that we know the language and understand how the system works. Call us today to set up an appointment for your patient or get more information about how Boston Pain can help you: (781) 662-7246

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